Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY gift idea for your man

(Or your dad/yourself/your 4ever alone single guy friend)

What I concluded after reading the few comments following my flowers post is that my female blog followers = femmes pratiques lol   So here is a super practical & genius DIY gift idea that will certainly be appreciated by your man.  If I were less manually-retarded I would certainly give it a try!!  And probably keep it to myself.

Lo and behold!!!!

The vintage book tech accessory organizer!!

Step 1 is probably the hardest one: Finding a beautiful cloth-bound hardcover book and destroying it :(

 Follow this tutorial!

SO GENIUS RIGHT?!!    no more tangled earphones, usb cables, you can even use it to give your jean pockets a break from your cellphone!!

Est-ce que quelqu'un veut s'aventurer avant moi et ensuite m'expliquer comment on accomplit l'étape de la machine à coudre....? >___<


  1. Wow! Super cool! Mais tous ces DIY tutorials me dépriment... Je suis vraiment TROP NULLE manuellement pour être capable de faire quoi que ce soit...

  2. je vais essayer de trouver un tutoriel + simple pour le prochain billet!!