Friday, January 7, 2011

Which five words do you see first?

Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What five words do you see ?

mine are:  leave, suicide, passion, coke, flesh. this a joke??


  1. mine was: leave,man, kiss, passion, kick

  2. mine: leave, fool,man, crush, bail

    humm whats that supposed to mean? lol

  3. bail, lust, leave, malice, secret...

    So what do I want / need / feel at this particular time? Honestly, I think it's just because I'm watching too much mystery tv shows...

    Yili, I think that you want to LEAVE this town so that you won't commit SUICIDE. You need a life of PASSION and drinking a bit of Coke from time to time would make you happy. :) And umm, the only thing I can think about with the word flesh is that you might have some cannibalism tendancy? Lol, just kidding, but just so you know, cannibalism is a criminal offense.

    Anita, you don't want to LEAVE your MAN, but you want to KISS him with PASSION. And if he's not a good boy, you will kick his ass. :)

    Maggie, if your MAN takes you for a FOOL, you will LEAVE him. And you will CRUSH his tiny bones, frame him so he would go to jail and not pay his BAIL. :)

  4. Coke is cocaine I believe, and flesh refers to sex. So rock n roll :)

    Anita, your man just left on a trip to Asia right?? when he comes back, there will be lotsa kisses with passion.

    Maggie, you left the fool already haha i think there is also a "runner" in this bundle of words ;)

    Jenni , sounds likes a drama. such a player: bail, lust, leave!

    Axel: ta haïne pour les fools politiciens en général qui font des discours pd, et ensuite un crush secret, pour les hommes....donc tes désirs als -_-

    Pat: vivre dans le présent avec passion, crush the arms of those who will get in your way.

    ah too much b*llshitting!

  5. suicide, man, woman, kiss, sin

  6. Andrew is in the land of Kamasutra for your information.

  7. LOL. great interpretation guys. Huilong, you are living in the present and you're also quite upset at some man/fool.

  8. bail, lust, coke, passion, naked.

    That's weird !