Tuesday, January 18, 2011

uughh sleepless

Two psychotic movies in a day + reading a gothic-eery Radcliffe novel make it impossible to sleep.

Black Swan was mind blowing, it lived up to my expectations, and Natalie was, well , flawless :)

It played around a lot of the ballerina stereotypes (bulimic, psychotic ex ballerina mother with failed career, jealousy among the girls, obsessions,...) but the storyline was solidly built and got us trapped until the very end. 

The scene with the creepy perverted old guy in the metro was priceless hahaha


  1. Now this is one movie that Id like to see. I havent been to a theatre in awhile actually. Isnt Dakota Fanning's sister in it too? or I may be mistaken.

  2. I think you're thinking of Coppola's "Somewhere", it's one of the new movies too!