Monday, January 24, 2011

booooooored to death.

“ Pourquoi tout le monde fuit-il la solitude ? Parce qu’elle oblige à penser. Personne ne veut la solitude, car elle laisse trop de temps pour réfléchir. Or plus on pense, plus on est intelligent, donc plus on est triste.  "

Frederic Beigbeder - L’amour dure trois ans

Merci Jasmin !
Black Swan reminded me of this Swan Lake anime I watched during my childhood, so I searched it up on youtube. It brought back tons of memories!  Have you watched it too? I think I even have the illustrated book somewhere, I was super obsessed at the time!
(sorry for the cascada song, it's the only good quality video I found)

wooow my blog has been so uncoherent/gay lately, I'm sure that when I'll look back in a few months, I'll be wondering what kind of phase was I going through. 

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  1. L'amour dure trois ans! J'ai adoré ce livre! Plein de passages tellement touchant et philosophique. J'avais cité quelques extraits sur mon ancien xanga. xD