Friday, January 21, 2011

get a formspring!!!

okay I wish I could write an interesting post for once, instead of posting random  pictures/youtube videos/quotes/blabla on the latest movies I've watched. I'm updating today to entertain Andrew (surviving in Hyderabad, almost 3 weeks!)

Je voudrais vraiment écrire quelque chose, mais c'est le néant total dans mon cerveau en ce moment. My thoughts usually alternate from "Gosh, I miss him"   to "Sh*t I really need to find a job", and in between I'm just like a dead fish with my mouth open and drooling, doing nothing but browsing job search engines. My brain has developped an automatic filter to help me sort out the job offers....

ANYWAYS, since I don't know what to write you gangstas could ask me some anonymous, immature/random/existential questions on formspring  and I promise I will answer all of them.  If a question gets really immature and personal, I'm just going to assume it's from Huilong hahaha


  1. c chiant. depuis le secondaire, huilong ramasse tjrs la marde XD

  2. Pat, je sais pas de quoi tu parles! alors comme ça tu as abusé de huilong au secondaire? :o

  3. So now I can ask anonymous, immature/random/existential questions on formspring and pretend to be Huilong. *evil laugh*

    And I loved your comparison to the dead fish. xD I feel like that sometimes!