Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yea I've reached a new level of being loner, like that's possible!
Tonight I watched Casablanca at the theatre alone, well along with rows and rows of couples.  Somehow I managed to sit next to a creep (loner himself) (aren't creeps always alone anyway)  and a gay couple (you can also argue that Casablanca is a guys movie, or maybe that after watching pirahna they needed some tenderness)

Anyhow, I respect people's personal space and I expect them to do the same. Creeps don't get that, certainly not the one that sat next to me and repeated every punchline and then asked me if I understood it.  F YOU very much      I forgive you, just because you have good taste in movies.

And the gay couple?    "ooooh maiiii gawwwdd, they are SO going to kiss right now!!"   giggles giggles    ohh mai gawwd I'm so going to kick your balls if you continue squeeling like 14 year olds!

But of course, the movie itself was fantastic. It's only near the end that I caught on with the love story though.  I was more moved during the scene where they all sang the Marseilleise in front of the Nazis.  Great men make great causes their priority!  Move aside woman!

Bonne nuit xxx


  1. Where did you watch it? I always wanted to watch that movie, but never got the change. :/


    ils rejouent en ce moment 2 fois par semaine des vieux classiques!! À plusieurs cinema, moi je suis allée à Paramount. c'est juste 5$! regarde l'horaire ;)