Friday, September 3, 2010

thanks google

Did you know that if you search  "French firm hiring Canadians" on google, the second result is actually the wiki page for coureur de bois....

aaaawww yeaaaan

[ individual who engaged in the fur trade without permission from the French authorities.]
[....hired to man the canoes that carried trade goods and supplies to "rendezvous posts" where goods and supplies were exchanged for furs. The canoes travelled along well-established routes. They then transported the furs back to Lachine near Montreal ]

[Voyageurs (thats how you who only paddled between Montr  vl and Grand Portage were known as mangeurs de lard (pork eaters) because of their diet, much of which consisted of salt pork ]

oh qu'est-ce que les cours d'histoires du secondaire me manquent, infiniment  plus passionnants que ces maudits cours de finance.  Vous vous souvenez du roman Jeanne fille du Roy? 


  1. my gawd. jai trop adoré ce livre. me faisait trop revé. Il y a longtmeps k je taime, jamais je ne toublierai

  2. J'ADORE CE ROMAN! JE LE RELIS TOUT LE TEMPS! L'histoire est tellement romantique. :)

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