Sunday, September 26, 2010


okay  I've had enough of my four month pregnant tummy , whether I admit it or not, I've become a fattie. My jeans won't fit me anymore, so I wear leggings and jogging pants, which I've noticed, give you even more space to grow fatter! but I'm not going to be a whiny fattie, noo nooo.  will try jogging and swimming for the weeks to come. i wish there was a volleyball team in my school :(

Première journée de twavail pour ma lavette aujourd'hui!!  Mais comme Mazars n'est pas une compagnie d'audit ordinaire ( l'audit   beurk   zzz.... zzzz...zz....z...)  les nouveaux vont avoir leur formation à la plage. PFffff   Balance some sheets on the surf board!!! Income statements on the sand yeaaaaaaaaha  

Bon courage gros!


  1. Aw, beautiful pictures. :)

    And go go go for the jogging! :D

  2. pauvre lui :)
    le soleil, la plage, la mer
    c dla torture
    ye faite fort, il va survivre

  3. Aww. first time I see a pic of your beau;) he's cute!