Saturday, July 7, 2012


As I'm getting ready to embark on a new journey, I want to share with you today my biggest fear (relationship wise):  When Love Becomes A Draining Routine....   I don't care if you call my fears gay, it's friggin scary okay??

Obviously when you're in a long distance relationship routine is practically non-existent, but what if you jump from a 6000km LDR to living together 24/7 ?!! This is exactly what I wish for, yet, the idea of it causes me anxiety.  So I came up with a list of things that could help us never letting routine chords dull the melody of our romance(feel free to throw up), and instead seek variety in life together.
I suppose there is the good type of comforting routine (preparing breakfast together on weekends, or watching Game of Thrones every night)....

-Live in adjacent houses connected by underground tunnel. Tim Burton & Helena Bonham style.  Or if you're not rich enough to afford two houses, have 2 separate bedrooms and reconquer your sweetheart every night before inviting him/her to your bedroom.

-Meet at the restaurant, go separately instead of together! feels more like a date :)

-Have your own hobby/alone time 2-3 nights a week

-Never let the door open when you go to the bathroom. Put on some Star Wars music when you go #2

-Learn a new language together.

-Build a tree house together, or wood cabin somewhere. DIY love nest.  Non je vais jamais vous laisser tranquille avec mon obsession des cabanes dans les arbres.

See how short my list is, help me add to it! 


  1. Great list! Very funny and original. xD Unfortunately, it's not the kind of things that I would do... (except maybe for the hobby) Got any more suggestion? :P

  2. Hahaha! Super bons tes idees! Mais moi non plus je ne me vois pas aller separement au resto si kn habite ensemble pis on esy ensemble deja!

    Mais jespere vrsiment que cela ne sera jamais routiniere! Je nai jamais fini le
    Livre mais peut etre lirr: man come from
    Mars and woman from venus

  3. seriously, i have no time to ger bored with math, jle vois a peine, genre 1-2 fois/sem. dont u worry, tu auras tant a explorer a paris et il sera tellement ocp avec sa job que vous ne vous verrez pas tant que ca. tu auras tjrs des livres, un blog a updater, une job a chercher, etc.