Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flying with Beibei...stay posted

After talking over the phone with different agents at Air France, I have bought a soft carrier bag for beibei (yes he will be joining me in this adventure, no one leaves beibei behind!!).  But now I'm really starting to doubt the dimensions...the agents have given me different numbers and after measuring each side I have become paranoid at the idea that my bag is too tall to be put under the cabin seat.  Luckily Air France has already been great on customer service, unlike Air Canada (worst food, large stewardesses who blocked the  aisles and can't help you with the overhead compartment.) (Outside of the plane I don't give a **** about your waist size, but come on, how can you be a stewardess if you can barely pass in the aisle?  What if there's an emergency? Or are you going to be my cushion?  I'm going to hell for this but it simply  makes no sense to me)

I now have to get my dog to familiarize with his new carrier...  he is no longer a sweet apartment pet because he's tasted too much of the freedom the countryside has to offer. It will be a hard task, so wish me luck!



  1. Ne t'inquiètes pas! Les chiens s'habituent vite à n'importe quoi! :)

  2. lol c a cause des syndicats surement