Monday, September 26, 2011

New crush

Oui, je sais, je suis plusieurs années en retard, mais j'ai finalement regardé Casino Royale vendredi soir dernier.   Quelqu'un aurait dû me dire bien avant qu'il est meilleur que Quantum of Solace, et de loin!!    Je tiens à dire que j'ai pas cligné une seule fois durant la scène d'ouverture psychédélique avec toutes les cartes de poker multicolores et les effets de transitions trip acid, j'ai adoré!!

 The "ball scratching whipping" scene made me really uncomfortable.  I don't know how his balls survived.

 Eva obviously didn't seem to mind.

Or maybe??

 Anyhow, I now want to learn how to play poker like a PRO. 
Daniel Craig is definitely the manliest James Bond after Sean Connery, and looks a bit like Poutine in a more rectangular way, but my attention during the entire movie was rather focused on...

EVA.  Yes gratuitous boobies picture because it was one of the first that came up on google search.  I forgot the reference sites again, if my blog were an essay I'd probably fail because of all the lacking references/credits. sorry.

 This girl looks so elegant, witty and mean at the same time.  How can you not like her?

She just always looks mean  !!??   Femme fatale au naturel. Can't help it.

Bonne nuit les enfants.

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