Saturday, July 2, 2011

random shiz

3rd panel = story of my life.

how i feel every single morning at 7:20
 Jemaine and Brett <3

The key to this look = not having boobs.  seriously i love white dress shirts but they either make me look like a grandma or like the button at the chest area is about to burst and its just plain unclassy. 

right now I just want to overdose on Nyquil and forget everything and just sleep for 15 hours straight.  what, don't tell you never had the nyquil syrup for cold!  merde I just want to be taken care of by someone. take care of me like a puppy, hug me, spoil me.

too funny lol. the monkey from hangover 2, which I still haven't watched; no one to watch it with lol.

So yea to end the night (or start the day) :
Beyonce is pregnant. but it's not Jay-Z's kid.
It's Destiny's child.

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