Wednesday, July 13, 2011


warning : very cheesy content ahead...

Have you watched the movie A Good Year with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard? Very lovely film about a typical a**hole in finance who inherits a castle and wineyard in Provence, mais vous savez déjà ce qu'un endroit paradisiaque (et une belle fille) peut avoir comme influence sur votre caractère...

drooling at the food.

This is a remake of an adaptation of a very popular romance novel back in the 1970s in China. I can't believe I finished the entire show a few summers ago. It's a delicate mix of very bad acting, fake & robotic dialogues that give you goosebumps, beautiful scenery, and a love story between a very selfish girl with an IQ of about a tomato and an older rich-sophisticated-retardedly nice man. Of course the best part of this cool series was the scenes shot in Provence. Just try to watch the intro without puking :)


  1. Ah you francophile you. go drink some red wine

  2. lol for each trailer, i got to 0:28 before stopping them. cannot go further. i have goosebumps because of the cheesiness. anyways, im glad ur heading to Provence. it looks gorgeous XD