Friday, January 6, 2012


Une semaine plus tard, mon premier billet de 2012. 
Comme tout le monde, à chaque année, une de mes résolutions est de demeurer positive et moins chialer, ce qui m'a empêché de toucher à mon blog parce que c'est inévitable: blog = place pour chialer haha

I'm looking forward to spring like crazy, mainly because I cannot wait to wear the CAPE the Moose got me!!  My own little cape!

Ce que les capes évoquent pour moi : les starlettes des années 50, Grace Kelly, la cape en satin de Audrey Hepburn dans Funny Face, la chaleur & sécurité....

et les capes offertes par les Elfes aux Hobbits!   So what if the following picture of the Hobbits probably reflects better my silhouette in a cape?    I love it to bits :D   <3

And on another note, I have been listening to Amy Winehouse every night and I become overwhelmed with sadness as I think about her and how she'll never make music again..... I know it's sooo gay O_O but she kept me company during so many nuits blanches of cegep papers, I used to put her playlist for entire hours while writing stupid papers... Anyways, enjoy this song :)

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