Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my life.

guilty of some most of these............ >_<


  1. I don't have to avoid mirrors when I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee because I am completely blind and I wouldn't even realize that it's a mirror.

    I don't take airplanes often enough to know what I would think/do in that kind of situation. But I would probably just get mad at the idea of dying.

    I don't really hear thumps when I'm taking my shower since I'm way too concentrated on washing myself properly and double checking to make sure that I'm CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. And sometimes I sing too, so I probably wouldn't hear anything.

    I do run to my bed right after I turn off the lights. LOL! *so guilty* But it is so scary!!!

    I do start to freak out (on the inside) when the elevators' doors takes a little bit too long to open up.

    And LOL @ the last one. :P

  2. lololol je pensais que tu étais plus du genre "socially awkward penguin"
    look it up :)

  3. thanks alex!! c'est trop drôle haha je savais pas qu'yavait d'autres awkward penguins comme moi!!