Saturday, July 3, 2010

Engagement Ring

Why, why why?
No my question is rather, who would get a friggin twilight ring?!

Author Stephenie Meyer has teamed up with Infinite Jewelry Co. to design a diamond engagement ring patterned after the rock Edward gives to Bella in the best-selling novel 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'. Just another way to make money!

"A long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold — delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds", Meyer describes the ring in the book. It looks like one ring's price is going to be $2,000. Of course, the love of your sweethearts is worthless, right guys?

But if you are not that rich you can settle for two lower-priced versions of Bella’s ring, which retail for $479 and $35.  source

Screw this, why do I even care?   If I were supposed to be a badass vampire, I would force my fiancee to get tattoo rings!   That's right, you're my b*tch for life Bella!!  If you're ready to make a commitment as big as marrying someone, you might as well get a tattoo that lasts your lifetime and beyond.
muahahahhahaah. ah merde, I'm so tired. dodo.  bonne nuit xxx


  1. The joys of marketing! As weird and nonsensical as it is to people like us, some people will purchase that ring, I'm sure.

  2. the tattoo ring is a real commitment. damn, cant even take it off when ure with ur mistress...