Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotta Catch' em All!

I read this alternate ending somewhere:
In Ash’s world he goes on to finally win the pokemon world cup…..right as he’s about to claim the trophy, people start disappearing, one by one, he says his goodbyes, and he’s left standing alone in the darkness….then pikachu comes running towards him, growing brighter and brighter.

Cut to his hospital room.

We see his mom at his bedside, crying, the doctor looks upset. apparently there’s been no change in his brain chemistry for seven years, and his insurance has run out. with professor oak there to comfort her, she signs tohe release to have the plug pulled.

Shortly after the plug is pulled, he speaks these final words before falling dead.

“I wanna be the very best…..”

alright no more space for emoness in my schedule, only hard work and more hard work!!

this episode is sadder than the notebook or whatever you girls find sad.  His accent is so douchey haha Good old days!!

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  1. loooooooooooollllll definitivement, tas trop de travail pour etre emo ou plutot, tu prends lexcuse detre emo pour pas travailler :)