Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl!

I know that internet sucks at Alcatraz, so let the song load first to set the mood haha

We met at this warehouse-looking school called BEM. (or at a previous party but cannot remember!)

We had e-commerce class with Dominique Billon, inspired by his awfully romantic french accent in english, I asked you on a date. a date to barcelona. you said YES, and I happily spent the following nights searching for hostels and itineraries like the geek that I am.
 on the first day you were radiant with joy behind your thick glasses and heavy playmobil hair.  We were spending a lovely time on the beach, when...

a wild douchemon appeared from the water!  Dude was on drugs, nevermind him.

Aww...look at you :) the guide was telling us about the story of this girl whose head was cut off.

speaking of the guide, wasn't he the cutest austraaaaaylian ???

~  tribute to my lovely douche ~
The little seamstress at dirty michael's place hahaha
you seriously look like a slave here

do you remember the 3 badass lesbiennes we met in Toulouse...
why are we always crazy when we're together?

I can't be there today to celebrate your 8th birthday with you, but you know that I can't drink anyway...   I love you girl!!


  1. awwwwwww I love you too!!! This is so sweet!!!! Lots of hugs and kisses <3 <3 Jasmin

  2. that australian is seriously too hot XD