Thursday, October 18, 2012

sous la pluie

-It's so hard to make friends. Meeting people, not so much, but making a real connection seems impossible. Just makes me miss even more the goofballs back in Montreal. But it seems like no one wants to add me on Skype, AGAIN MY USERNAME IS yilizhuzhu  add me or don't complain that I never give any news >:O   Don't forget, it goes both ways, you know who you are -_-

-I know the rue du Cherche-Midi like the back of my pocket now, but have yet to bump into M. Gerard Depardieu
-During my first week in Paris I went to buy a flat iron and met in the store my crush  Louis Garrel, but I was too stunned by his evengreaterlooksinreallife and just stared at my feet/hiding behind Axel  WHILE MY DOG FRIGGIN WENT UP TO HIM AND SMELLED HIS FEET AND STOLE A SMILE FROM HIM.
-Haven't eaten a croissant yet since I got here. NOT ONE. And I live above a bakery, shame on me.
-UHT milk isn't so bad after all. I still prefer fresh milk, but one of the perks of UHT milk is that you can keep tons of it outside of your tiny French fridge.
-Explored a lot of cours intérieures by playing around with the digicodes/stalking people living inside
-Watched  Les amants du Pont Neuf, it confirmed my thoughts on being a hobo in Paris; sad yet glamorous.

A true Parisian balcony. Not mine ;)


  1. Contente d'avoir de tes nouvelles, Yili! Tu sembles vivre un beau petit bonheur! Continue de partager de belles photos! :D

  2. i added you on skype! et chui connectee toute la journee au travail. where are uuuuuu?