Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm excited for William & Kate's wedding!!!!!
I still remember when the car crash took place in the summer of 97, one year after I arrived in Canada, and they replayed Lady Di's wedding on tv.  The wedding itself was utterly tragic, Charles looked like a depressed horse who couldn't even look at his bride in the eyes.   What a sad, sad marriage.  Oh well, she was the only suitable virgin left in the whole Britain apparently.

I wonder if Kate's dress is going to be over the top, or sweet and modern!

Now don't call me a loser but I have some pictures of wedding dresses saved on my computer :O   mon excuse c'était que je préparais un article pour Anita, mais elle a déjà choisi sa robe...   Bon je dédie cet article à Jenni alors, même si on n'a pas du tout les mêmes goûts vestimentaires :P

Je trouve 99% des robes de mariage quétaines malheureusement....
à moins que tu t'appelle Megan Fox et que tu te maries sur la plage:


les robes d'Elie Saab sont pas mal non plus, mais ya toujours trop de froufrou

the veil is a must.

now my favorites:

this is my all time favorite, but of course no one will understand me :(   call it boring or grandma-ish,  I like it!  I don't even think it's a wedding dress lol

the classiest for the last   :)


  1. moi too jai hate quils se marient lollllllll pi de voir les robes de soiree des gens... 2 days !

  2. LMAO @ the last picture. How can someone even think about wearing such a thing.