Friday, April 29, 2011

okay je vous jure que je vous laisse tranquille après

Honestly I didn't even watch the wedding, but wow did they look happy!

dressed like a BAWWSS

Will oh Will...
anyways the real point of my post was to share this song with you. I started listening to Adele about two years ago, and I've heard many versions of this Bob Dylan's song, but no one can surpass Adele's cover. Beautiful words sang by the most beautiful voice.

I'm so happy she's finally getting the recognition she deserves!  I find it hard to believe that she's only 22, as there is such maturity in her voice.  everything she sings is so heartfelt...

Excuse me but I think I have something in my eye.


  1. Lolz i like ur posts cuz they are random, funny and cute. Love kate!

  2. The prince aged so quickly! I love that family picture. They really loved their mama.

  3. Aw, moi non plus je n'ai pas regarder le mariage! Moi qui capote à l'extrême sur les mariages... :/ La robe de Kate est vraiment magnifique, tellement classy! <3

    Et j'adore Adele aussi!!! <3

  4. Btw g vu un reportage sur la photographe qui a pris la first pic de ton post. Ca devait etre malade detre le photographe officiel de diana