Thursday, September 19, 2013

Suburban Life

That's right, as weird as it feels to write these words, I've been pulled back into the suburban lifestyle.

Things never really change in Lachine. 

Long commutes. Unbearably long bus rides in good company next to retards and annoying teens listening to drake, and incredibly stupid conversations, the 191 never being on time.
Mowing the lawn.  I mixed up gas and oil last time and for half a day my neighbours saw the moose and I on the lawn, syphoning the horrid mixture with fkin straws from the lawn mower. 
Spiders. Trust me, if you haven't lived in Lachine, you have no idea how big spiders can get.
Life on the streets stop after 7pm.  Actually you never see anyone on the streets outside of school dropping/picking up hours. 

On the bright side, living in Lachine also has its perks.

No rent. Living at home, but without the parents. This means I could actually SAVE UP and buy myself an apartment in the city someday, or with a little perseverance, a shoebox studio in Paris!! 
Almost unlimited space for my dog and not too many car accident risk. Cuz you know, pomeranians are exactly like children. 

Just thought I would put a screencap of Revolutionary Road, although our life is in no way as dramatic as Kate & Leo's.  Have you had the chance to watch it? Isn't it a brilliant film? (and brilliantly depressing if such a thing exists)

This couple has more class and elegance in one of their depressed fingernail than the whole Lachine population. 

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