Sunday, August 28, 2011

jewelry crazy

Once in a while I get obsessed about something in particular for no reason and HAVE to have it no matter what...  I guess it's a girl thing...

Like this summer, I had the urge to buy an orange lipstick, so knowing nothing about lipsticks I read through a couple of bloggers' reviews about the different existing brands, then went to the Bay, MAC, pharmaprix countless times to find the shade I wanted.  I used it maybe twice?

In February I went on a quest to find the highest leather boots, and after a disastrous experience with the online boutique Asos, I got these (on the right). they were soooo friggin high I couldn't even differenciate the left foot from the right foot. I know it sounds retarded but they looked the same! So needless to say, I never had the courage to wear them.

My current obsession is a little more reasonable, I have my mind set on finding a tiny chain ring, or a very simple, thin gold band.  Shouldn't be too hard right??
Except I discovered this incredible jewelry designer : Satomi Kawakita 
Maintenant tout est compliqué parce que tous les modèles ont l'air beau... je crois même qu'ils seront beaux sur mes doigts boudinés, doigts-saucisses...-_-   Thankfully, a lot of them are sold-out!!

 Sold-out gray diamond ring.

Handcrafted Rainbow Moonstone ring...

Nop, I haven't moved on from my Dior's bois de rose  obsession haha   This one is just as beautiful, and much less expensive. 380$ for yellow gold.

"The sweetest, most understated diamond ring."  on Catbird. Love it!

uhhh clean & minimal emerald gold elegant and irresistible....

This is my favorite find so far. The alphabet ring!
subtle and delicate, the best part is that

they are stackable!!   yes how cool is the wtf arrangement haha
Check out this NYC online boutique :  

ok, bye, be safe & prepare to be rocked like a hurricane.

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  1. These kind of obsession happens to me ALL the time. And the worse part is that they actually last very long... -.-